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Life is a journey of learning and growth. Where will you go next?

Foggy Seaside Sunrise

A problem is an invitation to become the change you envision.

Everything is data.

the Doctor
Vienna Vineyard

Building community and serving learners for more than 15 years.

Comings and Goings

“Ohhhh . . . . I can’t look!” I closed my eyes and turned my head away from Tijae to look out the window into the darkness.  In the front seat the cab driver turned to the side window in unison.  The anxious guffaw that welled from my belly like a tympani was difficult to suppress.  A few moments later I glanced back…

Thrill Ride

Kuwait has an excess supply of taxi drivers.  I don’t know if the oversupply of driving labor started during the pandemic, or if it is a longstanding tradition.  Taxi drivers in Kuwait have suffered badly from the coronavirus.  The first nationwide lockdown, in May 2020, prohibited residents from exiting their homes for 22 hours a day, and prohibited the use of motor vehicles…

Beach Bum Arrival

When the flood of virus rose up around the world and swept me out to sea, the waters that birthed me carried me nearly as far I could travel and still land on her shores through the currents circulating our Mother Earth. My arrival in a new land during a time of pandemic required 14-days of home quarantine where the salt and sands…

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Alisha A. Lund specializes in quantitative studies with a focus on educational equity initiatives and volunteer-based programs.

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