Parade Wave Fit for a Veteran (Reprise)

Looking out over the sands of Kuwait on the eve of Memorial Day, I wanted to revisit this salute to my favorite soldier. I’ll post more contemporary reflections soon. May 2007 “Hey, Sis? You busy today?” “Not really, Dad. Just the usual chores and whatnot.” It was Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and all thatContinue reading “Parade Wave Fit for a Veteran (Reprise)”

Living Strong Under Lock and Key

The term lockdown has a more literal meaning in Kuwait than in places like the United States where a global public health crisis has been electrified by the politics of fear.  One year since novel coronavirus was first detected in Kuwait, it has returned with rage, haunting many with lockdown memories. When the first caseContinue reading “Living Strong Under Lock and Key”